What is a variant?


a form or version of something that differs in some respect from other forms of the same thing or from a standard.

synonym: adaptation

Variant1 is a performance agency that uses advanced digital marketing strategies to generate your business more revenue, more leads, and more results.

We differ from many digital agencies because we have in-depth experience with all aspects of digital marketing. That means when we get to know your business well, we will know which levers to pull in order to start generating you results. You want an agency that can see the whole landscape, not just the trail a few feet in front of them.

The people behind Variant1 have made their mark in the web business by treating every project like their first. That means they are relentless with the questions, they conduct useful web-related research, analyze all the data, and evaluate the process at every step of the way. This type of open approach gives our clients the best possibility of success. At Variant1, we understand that the behaviour of web visitors today is not the same as yesterday. Adaptability is key.

How we can help you

> Your web presence should be a critical part of your customers decision making process.
> Your web presence should help your customer make up their mind about your business.
> Your web presence should clearly deliver profit to your bottom line.

V1's purpose is to leverage your online presence to get in front of the right customers, bring them to your website, and then convert them into customers.

attract - engage - convert = $

Rinse and repeat the above for an ongoing, loyal, and profitable relationship.

Our process

V1 has a three step process that has ensured companies we have worked for in the past have achieved real tangible results.

Step1: Audit

Understanding how your most profitable audience finds your online is important. What is also important is understanding how they want to engage with your brand. Many companies invest in delivering messages through advertising that mismatch their audiences deeper needs. An audit from V1 will pull out information about how your current customers find you, what they think of you upon first interaction, and then what the barriers are that prevent them from buying, signing up, become a lead, or consuming content. In short, we will find out how your best clients online want to engage with you and what barriers your current web presence is preventing that.

Step2: Customer acquisition strategy

Once your brand understands where it stands on the internet, a digital marketing strategy can emerge. This guiding star will be backed by data and thoughtful research. The outcome of this part of the process is to develop a cohesive strategy around attracting the right audience and then converting them into a useful business interaction on your web properties.

Step3: Reporting

If it doesn't get measured, it doesn't count. Monthly and quarterly reporting will keep you on track and keep the boat sailing on course. Our team pulls your data, analyzes the results, and interprets for you. This completes a 360 degree system and process to grow your business online.

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